This is so great. Everything about this is so great. I am so glad that these kinds of videos can keep impressing me after so many of them already have.


Post-Op Vampire Selfie


Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about public opinion turning in favor of the police in light of recent developments in Ferguson.


America will find ways to keep killing Mike Brown over and over again. They did it to Trayvon Martin, and they’ll do it to the next kid, too.


THE “7 FOR 7” Series Continues!

"I’m By Your Side" By The Mild Revolution is up now FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!


It’s a loving/sharing kind of song.

You can tell them that TMR wrote it about you. cause we did.


When I have days off, weird shit happens.

The Music Automator-O-Matic

Hey so Christy said I should have given that person who asked for new music a little more raw material to work worth. I would be remiss if I did not note that there are now THREE new Mild Rev songs to check out here, but let’s also do the thing we did with movies a while ago. OK: think of two numbers between 1 and 10. Then click “read more.” You will find a list of 10 songs. With any luck, you haven’t heard at least one of the two. Click on it, and listen! (I’m just going to find YouTube links after I look at Spotify and free-associate a little.)


theociffer asked:

Hey Zack. Do you read the book first before seeing the movie adaptation? Or vice versa? Do you have any book to movie adaptations that you both liked the book and the movie by fairly the same amount? Whats the best and worst book to movie adaptation youve seen?


There is a reason this question comes up so often, and it’s either a good reason or a bad reason. Either we as readers have made “book movies” so profitable that studios are doing them more than they used to (the good reason), or books have gotten crappy enough that “book versus movie” is finally a fair fight (the bad reason). 

What’s probably happening is a hybrid of the two—we as readers have made crappy books (every Hunger Games knockoff, also The Hunger Games itself) so popular that movie studios are doing them more than they used to, which is forcing even more and more even comparisons between the two formats.

And when we talk about book movies, we all agree that we are talking about “book movies,” right? Like, The Social Network is not a “book movie” of “Accidental Billionaires,” is it? Argo is not a “book movie” of a New Yorker article, correct? Stuff like Under The Skin and Children Of Men are in a grayer area, I guess. (Wow, a lot of movies are technically based on books!)

Anyway. I liked the book and the movie of The Green Mile about the same amount. I liked the movie of Catching Fire better than the book. I liked David Fincher’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo better than all previous iterations of that story. The Fault In Our Stars is a better book. The Wire is better than “The Corner.”


The New Yorker’s Ferguson cover is one for the history books.


The New Yorker’s Ferguson cover is one for the history books.

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“The whole thing looks like Leni Riefenstahl hired a color-blind pyromaniac to choreograph a Spinal Tap-themed Cirque Du Soleil performance at the request of Satan himself.”
— John Oliver is the nation’s foremost wordsmith.